Thermal Imaging

Why carry out thermal imaging on your power source?

We can provide you with a diagnosis and solution to an underlying issue before it becomes a bigger problem, reducing the chances of downtime and the possibility of costly pitfalls.

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If you’re concerned about having to down tools for the testing process, don’t be. Our thermal service accommodates for peak operational hours, as we use specialist non-intrusive equipment.

Laws & Regulations

Electricity at Work Regulations Act 1989, Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 and BS 7671 (IEE Wiring Regulations 18th Edition as amended) suggest that electrical infrastructure be regularly maintained and tested to ensure compliance with safety guidelines.


  • Performing a thermographic inspection will highlight problems with electrical infrastructure while energised during the testing process as these areas will manifest as anomalous temperatures shown in the live image via the thermal imaging camera
  • No operational downtime is required. The more pressure on your electrical system, the more accurate the reading
  • This service is used as a preventative measure, highlighting potential issues before they become costly, dangerous problems
  • We have engineers distributed across the UK, 100% responsive to customer needs

Added Value

  • A detailed report being produced by a trained professional demonstrates that reasonable steps have been taken to ensure your electrical infrastructure is of integrity. Additionally, it may satisfy your insurance company requirements for the fire prevention in electrical systems related scenarios
  • Financial savings from a long-term perspective. Our non-intrusive equipment will identify any hotspots so we can provide a preventative solution, avoiding further costly damage

The Process

The thermal camera is applied to electrical panels, distribution boards, switches, tap offs, busbars, and other electrical items.  Our inspections utilise load correction electrical formula that helps to assess electrical components. This process highlights an ambient temperature whereby each component has a maximum permitted heat limit. Our technical team analyse and discuss the findings with site, underlining any anomalies and communicating a corrective solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why undertake a thermal survey?

Thermography is best carried out when the electrical system is functioning under normal conditions, which negates the need of operational downtime. Problems are spotted before they become larger issues, helping to increase the lifespan of your system.

Will this service disrupt the running of my business?

No. In fact, the more pressure on your electrical machinery the better. We are able to see how your system operates when operating at full load capacity, providing a more accurate reading.

Loose connections? System overload? We have you covered.

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