Remedial Works

You wouldn’t take your car for a MOT and ignore the issues.

You wouldn’t continue to drive your vehicle without valid certification.

You wouldn’t risk being punished with a hefty fine and legal action.

So, why should electrical compliance be any different?

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Hit the brakes, take a step back and consider the possible repercussions.  Take our remedial recommendations on board before accelerating towards potential danger and costly damage.

Upon completion of your testing, we will issue you with a list of observations, making it easy to identify each fault and the level of risk to your property. We will assign you a remedial specialist as your point of contact, providing solutions to your electrical maintenance.

Laws & Regulations

All our remedial work is carried out to the IEE Wiring Regulations (BS 7671) to ensure that your electrical systems are free from potential hazards.

Complying with this reduces the risk of accidents in the establishment and complies with the legislation. If your report has identified clear and present dangers needing rectification, the corrective works must be carried out for your building to remain compliant.


  • The building becomes compliant with the IEE Wiring Regulations (BS7671)
  • This service will identify the possibility of any problems occurring in the future and provide a corrective, preventative solution
  • From the EICR report to your Minor Works certification, our team help you to close the compliance loop
  • We have engineers distributed across the UK, 100% responsive to customer needs

Added Value

Our remedial engineers endeavour to cause minimal disruption to site when carrying out corrective works. The planning team will liaise with your site contact to arrange a suitable time for the site and the operational hours.

The Process

The EICR report highlights any corrective works required on your electrical installation. Following this, the engineer visits site to perform all remedial works, which produces a Minor Works certificate. This provides an audit trail for your site.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this service disrupt the running of my business?

Our engineers will endeavour to cause minimal disruption to the operational hours of your company. Our planning team are competent communicators, and we’ll find the perfect appointment date for your requirements.

Will I have to isolate the power?

We do not require the entire electrical system to be de-energised, only the circuits impacted which require attention.

Let us help you assess, prioritise, and rectify faults.

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