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If you currently have halogen or incandescent lighting in your premises, why switch to LED?

LED powered lighting lasts 35 times longer and up to 90% of the energy emitted from LED lighting is converted to light as opposed to heat.

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Choosing LED as your provider teamed with Lantei’s expertise, means guaranteed savings, increased productivity for your business and improving your carbon footprint by a third!


When replacing lighting, it can be tempting to opt for luminaires with the lowest capital cost. However, such immediate cost savings can prove to be a false economy when compared with the potential savings over the full lifetime of an LED luminaire. Although LEDs cost more initially, high quality LEDs last longer with an average 50,000 hour lifetime compared to 10,000 hours for a compact fluorescent and 30,000 hours for a linear fluorescent.

LEDs also offer significantly reduced power consumption, especially compared to compact fluorescent, which can mean lower energy bills and a lower environmental impact with fewer CO2 emissions.

We source our LED printed circuit boards (PCBs) from Wrexham and use optimum single bin LEDs with a three MacAdam Ellipse tolerance, and high-quality OSRAM and Samsung LEDs.

Amongst many other advantages, our LEDs are virtually maintenance free, easy, safe to install and durable as they contain no glass components. They also offer greater brightness as there is no filament to be warmed and work perfectly with our Manual Intelligent Control system, 1-10V and DALI.

As one of the leading LED lighting manufacturers, Lamps & Lighting Ltd. can provide technical guidance as to whether LED technology is the right choice for your installation.

Our Brands

We have an exciting and extensive product range, which incorporates both technical and decorative luminaires for use in interior and exterior environments. We regularly update and develop new decorative and technical products, so stay switched on and check our service page for updates.

Considering making the switch?

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