When Tom joined Lantei in January 2022, he could not imagine the impact he would come to have on the success and growth of not just the Lead Generation division, but the wider company. Since his first day, he has demonstrated profound professional development and become a key member of the team, generating new growth across departments, and driving connections.

Before joining Lantei, Tom showed his prowess for communication for an array of audiences by enrolling in an Acting degree at Carlisle University, successfully achieving a 2:1. After graduating, he went on, amidst a global pandemic, to gain valuable experience in social media writing for a martial arts company and helping vulnerable individuals by working in a care home. In these roles, Tom developed and enhanced his communication skills, both written and verbal, to meet the needs of diverse groups of people.

However, he knew he wanted a change, and to transmute his existing skills into a career he was passionate about. Initially struggling to find his feet in the career market, Tom discovered Lantei, who opened its doors to nurture his innate talent. He applied for our Graduate scheme and impressed the team with his inherent knack for sales, was offered a role within the Lead Generation division, and the rest is history!

Upon joining the team, Tom became responsible for the organisation of attendees for our Electrical Safety Network seminars, including reserving their places and ensuring they have all the information they need before the seminar date. A mark of his sales expertise is his record of booking forty delegates to our seminar events in one month!

Aside from securing delegates’ places at our Electrical Safety Network seminars, he also plays a vital role in coordinating them! Tom helps to ensure that everything is perfect for attendees, from setting up tea and coffee to assisting them with their enquiries. After the event, Tom will follow up with attendees and help them find solutions to their electrical needs by connecting them with the appropriate member of the Lantei team.

In the time he has been with the company, he quickly started attaining more responsibility for himself after consistently proving his capabilities. He was entrusted to begin supporting the Centre Coordinator of Lantei Learning by invigilating exams and setting up classrooms for Lantei Learning courses.

His responsibilities for the Electrical Safety Network also play a significant role in generating new leads for Lantei’s sales and renewal divisions, in turn driving new growth within the company and helping clients to stay safe and compliant.

Tom’s favourite thing about working with Lantei is the support network offered to each member of the team. This network facilitates career progression, offers both workplace and personal support when needed, and encourages development in the workplace through mentorship programmes and our in-house Lantei Business Academy. Tom believes that without these opportunities, he would not have progressed to where he is now.

In the future, he plans to continue to professionally develop and work his way up the company, learning everything that he can about business so that he can eventually start his own.


Since Tom became a part of the Lead Generation team he has excelled massively. When starting at Lantei he had no prior sales experience, now he continuously meets all of his targets and KPIs. He listens and learns in training sessions and soaks in all the information which he then puts into practice in his day-to-day role. He is an asset to the team and having him onboard has helped to grow the business and also his career. He definitely has a bright future ahead of him at Lantei.

– Matthew Skellorn, Team Leader


Fun Fact!

While he much prefers business to acting, his time on stage and screen saw him appear in classic British TV shows, including Shameless!

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