We consider ourselves to be at the forefront of the electrical industry, combining innovative technologies with expert service to keep our clients and partnerships safe, and just one of the ways we achieve this is through TEGG technology.

You can find more information on what TEGG Servicing is and why we do it below.

What is TEGG?

TEGG is a unique electrical testing preventative service used to view, diagnose, and predict weaknesses in a building’s electrical infrastructure without the need for costly operational downtime. This service is particularly suited to hospitals and manufacturers where downtime is unfeasible or expensive, and by enlisting a specialist to carry out TEGG maintenance, you can foresee and prevent a range of issues and unnecessary downtime costs, all the while providing a safe and healthy environment for yourself and your employees.

Why We Do It

Fundamentally, we conduct TEGG maintenance to help businesses keep their people safe, avoid unplanned downtime, and maintain the quality of their electrical systems by providing a preventative maintenance program that can help protect the electrical distribution of your organisation and entire facility.

Unexpected business interruptions and downtime can be costly and could result in a loss in revenue for your organisation. By having an annual TEGG test, your systems will remain maintained with any potential issues quickly found and rectified.

TEGG service is also conducted to keep businesses compliant with any manufacturers’ recommendations that cannot be achieved with fixed-wire testing alone.

How We Do It:

There are several components to TEGG servicing that are carried out to ensure a thorough test of your electrical systems. TEGG Maintenance is recommended to be performed annually, while your facility’s electrical distribution system is energised under normal load so that the following tasks can be performed:

Ultrasonic Testing is carried out to convert sounds that we cannot normally hear into sounds we can. This service compliments the thermographic imaging service and determines if tracking, arcing, and vibration is present, helping to make sure the quality and integrity of electrical systems are still up to scratch.

TEGG involves non-invasive, thermographic technology to find faults in a building’s electrical systems. Infrared Technology adapts colours we cannot see with the naked eye into ones we can, enabling overheating to be spotted and the root cause identified and corrected.

Having a high quality of power is vital for an efficient electrical system, and when carrying out TEGG services, engineers will fine-tune and conduct Power Quality Analysis in search of voltage imbalances, spikes, and surges that can cause overheating and strain on your electrical systems. Ultrasonic Testing, Thermal Imaging, and Power Quality Analysis are utilised to demonstrate the system’s integrity whilst under strain/normal load conditions.

The Benefits

TEGG servicing helps to ensure there is reliable power for your critical electrical systems, reducing the risk of unexpected downtime and allowing your business to function as normal. Regular servicing also contributes to the prevention and prediction of power outages, allowing any problems to be solved or mitigated before they become a costly hassle. TEGG servicing’s effective system management and preventative maintenance are in accordance with BS 7671:2018, meaning you can rest assured that your business is compliant with the latest wiring regulations and that you, your people, and your business, are kept safe.

A digital reference image and a thermal image are taken for each component and entered into our own sophisticated Asset Register. Each client is given access to a full list of their assets, with each item photographed and marked by severity and detailing all internal information they may need to know about the item. This service allows our clients to identify their electrical components quickly, improving maintenance efficiency.


TEGG can transform the way you maintain your electrical facilities for the better, and as one of three TEGG contractors in the country, let us provide you with the right maintenance solution. You can find out more by emailing chris.gray@lantei.co.uk or by calling 01772 250 179.

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