The legislation surrounding electric vehicle chargers has changed as of the 30th of June – do you know how this will affect you?

With the rising demand for electric vehicle chargers, new UK government guidelines were introduced last month to ensure energy is being managed efficiently, via a host of changes to the chargers themselves. From the 30th of June, all new chargers will be smart chargers as standard to help stabilise the demand for electricity, support the national grid, and modernise electric vehicle chargers for the benefit of society.

The new ‘smart’ chargers, unlike their predecessors, will bring with their installation pre-set features and additional connectivity that will help to ensure efficiency when charging electric vehicles.

One of these pre-set features is the automatic charge setting to default charging hours after the 30th of June, which will avoid peak electric grid hours between 8 am – 11 am and 4 pm – 10 pm on weekdays. These hours are when demand for electricity in the UK is relatively low, making it the ideal time for electric car owners to plug their cars in.

However, this doesn’t mean you can’t charge at peak times. Electric car owners can choose to ‘opt out’ of this factory pre-programming and continue to charge as and when they want. This default charging hours pre-set was implemented to encourage EV owners to change their charging habits to manage demand, helping to keep the national grid more stable and reliant across the UK by easing the strain during electric vehicle charging surges

Data Connectivity

All newly installed home chargers will now have a data connection and the ability to record and use an energy measuring system to monitor usage, meaning the electricity supplier providing the energy to your EV will have better visibility of the demands on the national grid and allow them to intelligently manage capacity. Each new charger will also enable EV owners to manage parameters remotely via an app on their smartphone.

Your buy dianabol online australia Data and Security

Alongside these new smart functionality features, there will be additional privacy and security regulations that will apply later in the year, from the 30th of December 2022.

This will require all data sent and received by the electric vehicle smart charging point to be encrypted, helping to protect and prevent cyber-attacks and to stop personal information from being stolen through charge point hacking. This will also mean that the data collection can also track charging history.

These new rules will make it easier for drivers to delete or manage their personal data settings and preferences.

Deferred Charging

All smart chargers will now feature a randomised delay function, which means that not all smart chargers will start at the same time during off-peak charging hours after 10 pm. Chargers will be able to manage when they start their charging sessions, as well as being randomly able to extend start times by ten-minute intervals, which utility companies can lengthen by a 30-minute start time if energy demand is particularly high.  

While new smart chargers installed after the 30th of June will have this feature as a preset, you will also be able to disable it.

With the recent legislation change, all new housing residences and commercial buildings, such as supermarkets, will be equipped with smart chargers as standard. These bring with them several pre-set features implemented to provide the infrastructure for the increasing demand for electric vehicle chargers, as well as preparing for the rapid increase of electric cars on the road.

While it’s important to remember that all pre-sets are up to the discretion of the car owner, the changes that have come with the release of the recent legislation have changed Electric Vehicle chargers for the better. From default charging hours and deferred charging to increased data connectivity, all changes will serve to save you money, support the national grid, and boost efficiency, all the while advancing our society as we incorporate green solutions into our way of life.

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