Changes to legislation affecting electric car owners are being released later this month, covering both electric vehicle chargers and housing standards and regulations. From the 15th of June, all new builds of homes and commercial buildings – such as workplaces, hotels, and supermarkets – as well as those undergoing major renovations, will be required to install electric vehicle charge points. This is applicable to buildings that, after renovation, will have over 10 parking spaces, and of those, they must have at least one Electric Vehicle charge point per dwelling with associated parking, along with cable routes in all spaces without charge points and have a minimum nominal rated output of 7kW. This will also apply to buildings with 10 or more parking spaces, of which they must have at least one charging point per 10 spaces.

This new legislation is an excellent step moving forward, as it helps to provide adequate charging infrastructure throughout the country as the UK prepares to stop the sale of new ICE (internal combustion engine) vehicles in 2030. The scheme is also part of a wider £1.3 billion investment plan to provide nationwide charging infrastructure, in order for the UK to reach its target of installing 300,000 new EV charging points by 2030.

André Dias, Founder and CTO of Daloop, said these new regulations were a crucial step to ensure that the transition to EV is as smooth as possible, adding that “The Government’s new law requiring new residential homes and buildings to have an electric vehicle charge point, is a very welcome step in our collective journey to enabling decarbonised mobility.”

It’s hoped that with the release of this legislation, more of society will be encouraged to switch from standard fuel cars and go green as the UK phases out carbon-based fuels.  

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