With a career as a successful Makeup Artist behind her and a nationwide lockdown to get through, Natalie knew she was ready for a change. She applied for a career with Lantei in June 2020 and was swiftly invited for a telephone interview. Our sales manager was impressed by Natalie’s attitude, skills, and sales experience, and knew she would be a fantastic addition to the team. She took a chance and offered Natalie a sales executive role in her department.

The renewals team are responsible for managing client accounts, and when Natalie joined, she began to look after Lantei’s current accounts, managing books, and consulting closely with other departments to streamline the electrical testing process and liaising closely with the remedial department to organise corrective works.

Despite initial worries, strict lockdown measures making the first six weeks of her career stressful, and overcoming impostor syndrome, Natalie pushed for her own professional development and found her feet. Throwing herself into her work, she learned the inner workings of Lantei, its operating systems and services, began meeting and exceeding her monthly targets frequently and established herself as an essential member of the renewal team. As part of Natalie’s role, she helps to grow accounts by informing clients about the range of services Lantei offers, as well as bringing new clients on board.

The skills and confidence Natalie has developed since her time with Lantei are testament to her own drive to succeed, as well as the support of the team surrounding her. Natalie enrolled on a Lantei Business Academy course earlier this year, led by a sales influencer, for her professional development, which she believes has contributed massively to her self-confidence, knowledge, and work performance.

Her proudest achievement is the fact she tried; instead of giving into negativity, Natalie committed herself to her career and professional development and focused on learning the intricacies and skills needed for her role. She quickly garnered more responsibility, and from her first months within the company when she never managed an account worth more than £4,000, she successfully brought in a £47,000 account last month, which ties in with her second biggest achievement; With a £58,000 personal sales target for May, Natalie went above and beyond of what was expected for her and brought in £117,000 worth of work for Lantei.

From her days as a professional MUA to bringing in new clients and massively expanding Lantei’s sales accounts, it is safe to say that the sales and renewals team would not be the same without Natalie, who has become an indispensable member of Lantei.

Chris Porter, Business Development Manager at Lantei, says:

Natalie joined Lantei in July 2020 from outside the industry, right in the middle of the pandemic. Her initial challenges were meeting new colleagues from two metres with facemasks and learning this industry.

Having joined the Lantei Renewals Team from sales in the Retail industry, a large focus was to transfer all her individual qualities into the Lantei environment where she has played to her strengths and transferred her skills to good effect.

It is pleasing to see how Natalie has overcome the numerous challenges she has faced with boundless tenacity, demonstrating remarkable resilience, determination, and commitment to continuous learning. It has been great to see her develop both personally and professionally since she joined the company. Now approaching two years with Lantei, she continues to do so with great dynamism and is a key, established member of the team.

Fun Fact!

Committed to fundraising for the charities most important to her, Natalie is currently gearing up and training to compete in a charity boxing match!

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