In recent years, battery powered vehicles and electric hybrid cars have become synonymous with environmental conscientiousness and innovation. They have also entered the mainstream, rising in popularity as they became cheaper and more accessible, thanks to the grants subsidizing the purchase cost. Even amidst the current soaring energy costs, electric vehicles are on track to be the most popular car choice as soon as 2025, according to data analysts, with electric vehicle sales at their highest levels yet as of May 2022, with 489,009 new battery-electric vehicles registered already this year, an increase of 23% compared to 2021.[1]

With the increase in demand, however, comes the question of charging battery powered cars. While there has been an accelerated increase in electric vehicle chargers, from just 6,546 combined electrical vehicle charging installations in 2016 (slow, fast, rapid, and ultra-rapid), to 31,507 chargers as of April 2022,[2] the UK car industry has warned of a “growing regional divide.”[3] The disparity between cars and chargers is growing faster in the North of England, with there not being enough chargers to cope with the number of electric cars on the road.

So, what can employers do to help ease demand in their area, meet employee needs, and stay ahead of the times, all the while fulfilling their environmental duty? Read more for an overview of why investing in workplace electric vehicle chargers can benefit you and your workplace:

What are the Benefits of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations?

Improving efficiency and cutting costs

Workplace electrical vehicle charging points help to make life easier for employees without home charging options. Also, there are significant discounts for businesses with less than 249 members of staff; current grants can provide up to £15,000 of funding towards the cost of the infrastructure needed for electric vehicle charging stations. By choosing electric cars over standard fuel vehicles for your workplace fleet, you will be cutting business costs and boosting efficiency.

Keeping up with the times

Electric vehicles are paving the way for the future – with the UK’s legal duty to reduce their carbon footprint by 2050 and commitment to completely phasing out the sale of new fuel cars by 2030, battery powered vehicles will be at the forefront of the automotive industry. They also signify innovation to your competitors – with electric vehicle charging installations something of a workplace rarity, standing out from the crowd can entice new partnerships.

Helps attract and retain employees

Amid a climate crisis and various humanitarian issues, more individuals, especially Gen Z entering the workforce, expect their workplace to be environmentally and socially conscious. According to a 2018 Workplace Culture Report, 86% of millennials would take a pay cut if it meant working at a company whose values aligned with their own. By future-proofing your business you’re highlighting your values to potential new talent.

Reduce carbon footprint

For companies with a large team, carbon emissions from the daily commute can add up massively. It’s no secret that electric vehicles are known for their carbon reduced lifespan, so by encouraging your staff to make the switch to one by supplying an electric vehicle fleet, you will play an active role in reducing emissions in your area.

Also, if you’re even more committed to reducing your carbon footprint and relying more heavily on renewable energy sources, consider installing solar panels and using their energy to charge your electric cars.

Demonstrate commitment to the environment and social value

Investing in electric car chargers at work highlights your environmental commitment to your delegates, partnerships, and team. It adds social value, helping to earn accreditations and certifications for environmental efforts.

Battery powered vehicles are becoming increasingly rooted in the mainstream and our way of life. Aside from the environmental benefits of a society that solely relies on electric vehicles, the benefits to your workforce are also worth considering. From attracting and retaining employees to demonstrating your commitment to environmental values, you’ll be establishing your company at the forefront of renewable and innovative technologies.

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