We don’t think that we’ll ever be in an emergency, but if your power supply fails because of a power cut or fire, having arrangements in place for the safe evacuation of all occupants is vital. Being able to exit the building in the event of a dangerous situation should be the top priority of any individual, employer, or business owner, and ensuring you regularly have emergency lighting tests has the potential to save lives.

The Process

The process for an emergency light test is simple; a mains power failure on the normal lighting circuits or individual luminaries is stimulated. This will then force the emergency lighting system to operate via the battery supply. The test can be carried out manually or automatically, at the time most convenient to you. The Lantei planning team find a suitable testing date for each client, going above and beyond to meet the required site requirements and causing minimal disruption to the operational hours of your company.

Laws and Regulations

The laws and regulations in place require all institutions with emergency lighting systems to have an annual emergency light test, at the very least, to ensure emergency systems are in good working order and ready for an evacuation. If your system gives three full hours of emergency light, then the annual light test is required to last for at least three hours.

BS EN 50172:2004 and BS 5266-8:2008 (Emergency escape lighting systems) outline the minimum provisions to be taken and the frequency of required testing for different property types. Additional information on servicing can be found in BS 5266-1:2016 (Code of practice for the emergency lighting of premises).

The Healthy and Safety at Work Act 1974, and the Fire Precautions Workplace Act 1997, stipulate that all Duty Holders are legally obligated to ensure that the system installed is in full working order and adheres to BS5266 pt. 1.

Each site with operational emergency lighting will require regular testing and maintenance, which Lantei can help with. Our planning team can assist with organising regular tests and maintenance, when required, for your business, creating a maintenance schedule tailored to your site.

The Benefits

The biggest benefit of regular emergency light testing is being confident in the knowledge that your business’ emergency lighting system is fully operational and will work in an emergency case, and will help to keep your team, and yourself, safe.

Is your emergency lighting system meeting its legal requirements?

Lantei’s engineers are located nationwide and can provide emergency lighting tests across the country, suiting you. They are also competent in all services offered by Lantei and are committed to ensuring your welfare and safety no matter what service you need. You can contact a member of the team to talk about our bespoke emergency light testing service by calling (01772) 250 179 or emailing helpdesk@lantei.co.uk.

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