Emma Tapley joined Lantei in November of 2021, and has since become a vital member of the remedial department, the team responsible for organising the corrective works for the fixed wire testing conducted by the housing and commercial departments. Emma’s role within the team involves organising engineers schedules, booking corrective works in, and carrying out Risk Assessment Method Statements (RAMS).

Emma has worked in planning since university, organising tanker driver deliveries across the country for 9 years as a transport manager. However, keen to return to her native Preston with her partner, she knew she needed a career change. Emma first heard about the role at Lantei talking with her best friend one night, who happened to be the wife of Lantei’s Managing Director. Wowing Lantei with the years of organisation and communication skills she had cultivated in her previous roles, she was quickly brought on board.

She proved her sharp eye for detail just weeks within her joining the company when she spotted the vast disparity in remedial engineers across the country. Quickly pointing this out, the department expanded the reach of their engineers to ensure availability across the nation.

Emma had a key role in streamlining the remedial process at the beginning of her career with Lantei. By providing her engineers with all the specialist information they need in advance, Emma helped to make the process as smooth as possible, vastly reducing the number of follow-on jobs the engineers were tasked with.

Having established herself early on as someone who goes above and beyond what’s expected, Emma quickly garnered more responsibility in the team, becoming the first port of call for 11 engineers based across the country. Consulting closely with her team members, Emma ensures all repairs are completed swiftly and professionally, helping to uphold Lantei’s high calibre reputation.

Emma has had a massive impact in her time with Lantei, helping to keep the day to day working of the remedial department and all operations running smoothly and without a hitch.

Fun Fact!

While she may be a diligent, conscientious worker, Emma certainly has a penchant for impulsivity. A spontaneous plane ticket purchase on New Year’s Eve led to Emma traveling around Thailand just a few weeks later, spending her 30th birthday in the tropical paradise.

“My favourite thing about working at Lantei is the time and investment they put in their staff. Any ideas the staff come up with are taken on board, which is testament to the trust managers put in their team. The progression opportunities are immense if you’re willing to put the work in and prove yourself. team is really friendly, with everyone going out of their way to do as best as they can.”

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