You cannot see heat, but thermography detects anomalies invisible to the naked eye, fulfilling your electrical safety needs. Thermal cameras have been used in the cinematic realm in the likes of the beloved 80s movie, Predator, however its uses traverse beyond the world and film, and into the wonderful world of electrical testing.

Also going by the name of Thermal Imaging, this process utilises these specialist cameras, identifying infrared energy waves, and differences in temperatures, using colour within the image to depict heat variances. Excessive presence of heat is often visible when the system is operating at maximum capacity, hence the reasoning behind our testing methods.

We carry out our thermography service when the system is under full operational strain, providing a much better insight. The impact of neglecting to carry out a thermal survey can be catastrophic, not only risking operational downtime, but also injury and fatalities due to the breakout of fire. The critical benefit of this invaluable test is that it acts as a preventative measure, maintaining the electrical structure, and shining a light on an issue before it escalates. From loose connections and system overload to phase imbalances and corrosion, this process covers it all.


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