If your power supply fails because of a fire or power cut, the safe evacuation of all occupants via illuminated routes is integral. Emergency lighting is wired to the main power supply, constantly charging the internal batteries, ensuring their functionality during an outage.

The testing process is segmented into two, monthly and annual assessments. In accordance with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, and the Fire Precautions Workplace Act 1997, the Duty Holder is legally obligated to ensure that the system installed is in full working order and follows accordingly with BS5266 part 1.

The monthly flick test ensures all lighting illuminates when the main power supply is deactivated using the test key. All casings are checked for damage, and the charging capabilities are monitored throughout. The annual test is more extensive, which confirms that the emergency lighting will remain on for a period of three hours. If the lighting fails within the three hours, immediate action must be taken to rectify the problem.


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