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Great Scott! Lantei are accelerating to the future. Do you have charging points installed on site?

Lantei were contracted to install approximately twenty-five electric vehicle charging points for a premium automotive manufacturer, from drawing to commissioning.

Tasked with installing the high-speed chargers across the Midlands and the North of England within five sites, our team carried out individual comprehensive site surveys of the electrical infrastructures. Upon completion of the survey, we conducted a week-long load test of the Low Voltage Network, ensuring complete stability prior to installation works. Once the information was collated and Phase Two commenced, our technical department held a pre-start meeting, proposing ideal locations for each charger and upon approval, the wheels were set in motion.

We were given the green light and completed CAT and Gen surveys for the installation of the car park cables. Our engineers excavated the channels to each charger, from the main building to the charger location, installing the cable ducts every twenty metres, assisting the pulling in of the electric cable. The concrete bases for each charger were then installed, re-tarmacking the surface afterwards to create a pristine finish. As the civil works reached completion, the electric cables were installed, rooted to the mains panel, and connected to the externally situated chargers via the pre-dug channels. The high-speed charge points were then installed to the fresh concrete plinths, connected by five pin commando sockets.

Traditionally, the installations incorporate earth rods, which are often subject to corrosion and will probably require maintenance further down the line.  Our use of O-PEN fault monitoring technology within each charger negates the requirement of earth rods completely, avoiding unnecessary future costly pitfalls. Our team carried out an Electrical Installation test and inspection for each circuit, commissioning each charger and securing the connection to the main internal power source.

The last step in our process was to perform a final check of all installation works, arranging handover meetings with sites, providing full demonstrations. Lantei deliver an all-encompassing project managed service, from the survey to the switch on.

Curious about our EV service? Click here to learn more about this project managed service, and move your business into the future with us.

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