Lantei and TEGG: A Powerful Acquisition

Did you know that nearly two thirds of all electrical distribution fire losses could have been prevented according to NFPA statistics?

Electrical compliance is Lantei’s specialty and we always have our finger on the pulse to continually improve and evolve our service offerings.  As the first-choice trusted partner with over ten years of establishment under our tool belt, we have created an outstanding reputation for delivering our electrical testing services to numerous industries. As of 1st July 2020, Lantei have become part of the international TEGG network, acquiring a license for the North West region. Lantei are the only electrical testing company to have secured this license, placing us at the forefront of the industry in the UK.

So, why have we partnered with TEGG and how will this revolutionise electrical testing?

From poorly connected conductors and overheated cables to failing components, TEGG technology identifies and locates the primary cause of the fault. Using thermal surveys, load monitoring and ultrasonic analysis, this method produces the most comprehensive preventative maintenance service available across the board. Our technical team uses their expertise to construct the perfect compliance solution to repair and prevent the recurrence of the same issue, boosting the lifespan of the electrical system. Using our hybrid service, operations continue as the testing commences. The fusing of non-intrusive TEGG technology with our renowned expertise, means we can complete this testing while the electrical system is energised and operating at full capacity. In fact, this provides an increasingly accurate reading.

We will be providing our TEGG service to a wide range of industries, increasing health and safety and aiding compliance, ensuring reliability, and preventing failures across the UK.

Discover more at or please call Chris Gray on 07940462626 for any enquiries.

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