Are You Ready for September?

In September, students will embark on a new term at universities across the country, with many opting to relocate to campus accommodation. If you manage the compliance schedule for a student housing complex, Lantei can help you reach 100% electrical compliance status prior to opening your doors. From emergency lighting to portable appliances, fixed wiring to fresh installations, we will make the student experience both functional and safe.

We have all been through the excessive extension lead phase, wires trailing across the room causing potential trip and fire hazards. Increasing the number of accessible power sockets in each room is a great way to avoid potential risks to both the students and the entire building. In the event of an emergency, compliant emergency lighting is critical to the safe evacuation of all residents. We make a commitment to our clients to manage their testing schedules, providing monthly flick tests and annual 3-hour drain downs. Lantei will contact you to arrange the testing prior to the due date, so let us shoulder the responsibility for you.

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Of course, the illuminated residential hallways are important, but what about the lighting within each apartment? As students rush out the door to attend classes leaving properties unoccupied, switching off lights and electrical appliances may not be a priority. Choosing LED or motion sensor lighting can minimise your running costs, lasting 35 times longer than halogen or incandescent lighting choices.  With up to 90% of the energy emitted from LED lighting being converted to light as opposed to heat, the risk of overheating and the subsequent breakout of a fire is diminished. If an appliance is left on, without having been tested, it is more likely to malfunction. According to HSE, approximately 25% of electrical incidents are a result of faulty portable appliances. Lantei are here to make sure your accommodation complex does not contribute to this figure.

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