Let´s reduce our collective carbon footprint.

As EV specialists with nationwide capabilities, we keep our clients at the forefront of electric vehicle developments. How can Lantei help you benefit?

Lantei’s portfolio of work is continually expanding, joining forces with local shopping centres, and premium automotive manufacturers to name a few, in the battle against vehicle induced air pollution. From digging channels for cable installation to manufacturing concrete plinths and carrying out all electrical works, we provide a 100% project managed service, from the survey to the switch on. Our tech-savvy engineers help with the logistics, determine the best placement for the chargepoint, and provide a demonstration for the site. Worried about the financial implications? There are numerous grants and funding options provided by Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) and we handle the claim on your behalf, finding the best financial option for each individual client specification. The long-term financial benefits are endless.

The government have already expressed their desire to accelerate the transition and reach the end of the petrol and diesel era faster if feasible. According to government data, there are 809 rapid chargepoints along England’s motorways and major A roads. In the current climate, the 2020 budget has been partially allocated to support innovation and technology, inclusive of progressing the electric vehicle movement. The goal is for a driver to be no more than 30 miles away from their nearest rapid chargepoint, drastically combatting the transport emission rate, while offering significant tax deductions for users of electric vehicles. 

If you want to be part of the shift to a greener living environment, whilst benefiting from the 0% benefit in kind rating for all electric vehicles, contact our team on 01772 250 179 and future-proof your business.

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