The Coronavirus pandemic has had a colossal global impact on the working world, resulting in loss of revenue, staff redundancies and business closures. In contrast, many businesses have excelled and demand has soared, resulting in increased employment rates. The Lantei management team was plunged into unprecedented waters, forced to navigate through the accelerating change, endeavouring to reach a positive outcome.

The ‘Work from Home’ update, where Boris made the decision to enforce Lockdown meant the team had to respond quickly. Initially working remotely, taking part in daily conference calls and maintaining team morale, further updates meant even more change. Due to falling demand, select staff members were placed on the Furlough Scheme to avoid company-wide redundancies, which was not even an option for Lantei CEO Anthony Smith. Our success relies on our trusted bond with our clients, so when many of their sites faced closure, a decrease in revenue was to be expected. Management reviewed the operational functionality of the company daily, keeping a close eye on the turnover.

As the world around us evolved, Lantei followed suit. Management revised the business model, operating with fewer staff members and experiencing a decline in building accessibility. We knew communication was key during this period, so Contract Managers focused on liaising with Site Contacts to gain access to the unoccupied testing sites. Our Marketing team sent regular email campaigns to existing clients, advising of changes we had made to continue operating. As a direct result of this exemplary communication, with the odds stacked against us, the first two months saw us plateau and breakeven. Through determination, clear lines of communication and the return of key staff members, we went on to surpass our following monthly target significantly. With the hard-hitting daily pandemic updates, we feel extremely proud of how the team adapted and worked so well together to maintain our success.

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From the 8th June, our goal was to have a full workforce return and be removed off the Furlough Scheme, maintaining the remote working process. This is a goal we have achieved. We have begun the process of reopening our Preston City Centre headquarters, gradually phasing in departments in accordance with Government guidelines. Strict processes have been put in place for the wellbeing of all employees, guaranteeing a safe working environment. From copious amounts of hand sanitiser and compulsory facemasks when away from desks, to social distancing and protective screens between workspaces, we are prepared to continue the battle.

Rest assured, we remain 100% compliant and continue to maintain our high electrical testing standards across the board. No compromises have been made on quality of service or delivery. Lantei are here to secure the safety of your building, your visitors, and your staff.