Lantei began with a credit card, a vision and a great deal of belief. Almost ten years on, we were bursting at the seams. Our office space has revitalised and replaced with a fresh four-storey flagship building in the heart of Preston. 

Lantei’s CEO Anthony Smith certainly wasn’t afraid to get his hands dirty as he executed his architecturally creative plans. Walls have been knocked down and painted in our iconic brand colours, flooring has been laid, lighting has been installed and partitions have been constructed to create modernised meeting rooms. The new headquarters offer expansion for Lantei Learning’s electrical training centre and creates a luxe working environment for Lantei employees to continue providing a first-class service.

Guided by Anthony’s vision, plans have been fulfilled to increase employee sociability with a spacious breakout area. We are not robots, able to work continuously throughout the entire day, so the company have acknowledged the needs of the team. Now, all employees and course-takers will have a space to breathe as the virtual skylight brings the outdoors in, complete with plush seating, our tranquil fish tank and images of Preston displayed around the relaxation area.

Up the spiralled staircase is Lantei’s state-of-the-art office and Lantei Learning’s three-floor training centre complete with whiteboard-painted practical examination rooms. Staff have chesterfield sofa booths to accommodate a flexible working environment, a classically English red telephone box for private phone calls and a green workspace complete with foliage covered walls and plants dispersed around the office.

A vision is what initiated the creation of Lantei and now another vision has been transformed into a reality. We intend to build on our resounding success in our new home.

Lantei’s ambition knows no bounds; the sky really is the limit for our team.

The Lantei team was central to making the move a monumental success, cemented in Lantei history. Click here to find out more about us and where it all began.

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