We will be carrying out Fixed Wire Testing for Salisbury District Hospital both in and out of normal working hours, reducing limitations wherever possible. Operating at times convenient for our clients is our speciality, having many NHS Trusts in our portfolio.

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We have a team of engineers who are assigned to nationwide NHS contracts and have extensive experience of working in a live hospital environment. Having been successful on previous contracts, the team will be applying the same best practices to replicate past success stories.

Lantei appreciate that there will be areas of a sensitive nature where we may not be able to access without prior notice. Access procedures will be implemented to reduce the number of revisits, while being flexible regarding theatre areas. Lines of communication will remain open and transparent throughout the entire process, cordoning off testing areas and maintaining a safe working environment for the engineers, hospital staff and visitors.

Our strict key performance indicators mean the hospital will receive the verified report within 10 working days following the EICR Test. We will close the compliance loop accurately yet efficiently.

We are looking forward to building a successful working relationship for both parties over the coming years.

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