We have come to an end of our series of CPD accredited innovatively educational seminars until next year! We have witnessed a fantastic turnout to every one of our events as our team travelled the breadth of the country, with all tickets selling out two weeks prior to the seminars taking place.

The ESN team have truly enjoyed presenting subjects of interest from Electric Vehicle Installation to 18th Edition Regulation Updates for another year running. With special presenting guests Electrical Specialist Gary Gundry, and Dave Austin, best known for his valuable contributions to the BBC technical broadcasting team and knowledgeable leadership of Learning Lounge. We are proud to unite some of the biggest and best voices in the industry together for the collective betterment of all Duty Holders and their electrical safety.

What Inspired The Electrical Safety Network?

The topic of electrical safety can often be dry and monotonous. Our goal was to bring excitement to the industry, transforming the perception of the trade completely. Delivering the seminars to the facilities and property market, we identified ODEON Cinemas as the perfect venue to help us achieve this goal. The Electrical Safety Network brought together leading experts from competing sides of the industry such as the ECA, NAPIT, The Compliance Workbook and more, under one roof in a collaborative Elecfest of information and performance.

“I didn’t expect the response we got from both industry and attendees with regards to the Electrical Safety Network. I set this up to help deliver impartial electrical safety content and wow, what a response we have had. Not only have our seminars been a great success, we now see leading scheme providers using cinemas for their delivery of subjects as well and its only getting better.”

Anthony Smith, ESN Founder


ODEON Cinema Group is the largest and best-known cinema chain in the UK. We believe a seminar should be interactive and an enjoyable experience, therefore we have chosen to deliver all our seminars at a location where attendees can sit back, relax and enjoy the show. All are encouraged to ask questions and interact as they view the presentation on the 50ft screen with surround sound.

Having partnered with ODEON cinemas for our events and being associated with reputable organisations such as NAPIT and ECA, we believe our approach has influenced other technical presenters who have seemingly followed our lead. An increasing number of these organisations are now choosing cinemas as the presentation venue, highlighting how our innovative approach is an inspiration to many in the electrical trade.

What can you expect for 2020?

We already have definite locations scheduled for 2020! From Liverpool to Manchester, Sheffield to London. Keep your finger on the pulse for all updates via the ESN website or click here to uncover the full Lantei experience.

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