Ready, Steady, Charge! Electric Vehicle Charging Points for Businesses

Lantei are proud to announce that we have been approved by the Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) to install Electric Vehicle Charging Points under both the Electric Vehicle Home Charge and Workplace Charging Schemes.

Why should you go electric? The Government has set ambitions targets to ensure that almost vehicle in the UK is a zero-emission vehicle by 2050, which would make the UK a world leader in EV and battery technologies. Be one of the first companies to provide cutting edge facilities and enhance your Corporate Social Responsibility through our commercial EV charging station – or even charge a competitive price for EV charging to generate additional revenue. If one person uses the charging point 5 days a week, the charger can pay for itself in 5 years! If two people plug in per day at an average of 3.5 hours a day, the payback time will drop to just 3 years.

How will your business benefit from Electric Vehicle Charging Points?

  • Government Funded – Businesses can claim up to 75% of each charging point (max £500). The fund goes towards the up-front cost and installation of the charging stations
  • Convenience – Rather searching for a charging point on their travels, your employees and customers will view a visit to your business as a perk, coinciding with your sustainability goals
  • Sell Electricity – The charging points will have card payment accessibility and soon the likes of Apple and Google will enforce their payment methods, making it easier to pay on the go
  • Unlock Data for Sustainability – You will have access to a wide range of useful data, including activity on your charging point(s), kWh-usage, costs, and CO2 savings, which can be used for administration purposes and tax declarations

If you qualify for the grant, Lantei will take care of the claim on your behalf. To discuss your EV strategy, email or Click here to discover your carbon-friendly solution.

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